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Hello and welcome to my site,i,m bastiaanvanbeek, personal trainer,I,m married with valentina we got two children.We live and work in rotterdam,adres:Persoonshaven 650,3021 hw rotterdam,holland,tel:010-2381700.Email:bastiaan.vanbeek383@gmail.com.There was a time that i was drained and tìred till i discovered the secrets to life longer and be more productive,lifestyle. On my blog i will give the best free tips to improve you,re health/how to lose weight.i,ve got one of the best produkts to get more energy and lose weight fast/lifestyle,weight lose.Discount price:17 dollar normal price:37dollar Açt now risk free 30 days money back quareentee!

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Set you,re priorities/lifestyle first things first plan it is in you,re hands just by doing it.Make small chances to improve you,re health such as taking a walk instead of the car,take one piece of fruit and drink extra cold water walk a little further.Eat more fibre it will speed up you,re metabolisme.Stop drinking alcohol,and get right of the cigararets you can buy nicotine chewing gum.Regelar excercises and healthy eating is the basic for a healthy life.Plan every day a workout and move you,re body everyday.walking to someone,s computer instead of sending a mail.Parking further from the buiding,skip the lift,doing housecleaning or gardening grow you,re own vegatables on sprayed.We sit watching tv or in a meeting or on the mobile there is a potential risk to you,re health,stand for 5 minutes or do some situps and press you,re body 10 times.Also no regrets popsicle recipe - secret: use real fruit juice! Eet every day 2 or 3 pieçes of fruit and 2-4 us vegetables,especially broccoli cailiflower and spinach it lower the bad cholesterol and it will clean you,re pancreas remember you only got one take care of it.50 procent of you,re health is healthy eating and drinking.Drink a lot of water 2,3 liter a day.As you cold water drinks the advantage is that you extra calories burns through you,re body should heat so you will speed up you,re metabolisme.Start to drink white tea full of antioxidants and vitamiens also there are substances with catechines that will burn fat and prevent that the fat is saved proofen scientifically also it will prevent cancer! And vegatables juices that cleans the body of waste products you burn fat more quikly,lose weight in a short period.Take instead of candy chocalate,black chocalete very healthy to take 5 gram a day again full of antioxidands it prevents inflamation which is the biggest cause of heartdiseases and heartattacks so hurry enjoy blackchocolate,it will also burn fat/weigt loss.Flax seeds help to lose weight there are also many healthy substances in it such as omega 3 what prevents heartdiseases.Also take a hand full of sunflower seeds ensure a good detoxification of you,re body.MY FAVORITE WAY OF DETOXING IS apple vinegar the trouble version kills mold and bacteria and reduce blood pressure it will also burn belly fat.Take light products and throw away cola,fanta ,these limonads are killers full of sugars ivented by companies to make you addicted.All food that contains fast sugars must be avoid such as cake and chips.Take food that contains complex colydrats you,re bloodsugar will not rise.The energy ass slowly free take bread potatoes and rice.Start you,re diet today! Eat small porties rather eat 5 times a little then 3 times too much,why? You,re bloodsugar will be stabil and you,re body is always busy with digesting food i advice you to take more proteins vegetables saturated fat you will lose weight fast.Good fat is cocnut oil you,re body must comparing too carbohydrates work 3 times as hard to burn these good fats.You,re skin will look better and acne will disapear.Use ice to burn fat leave you,re comfort zone and take a cold shower,it is one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast,you can do it in you,re own tempo first 10 seconds then 20 seconds enx.It is scientific proofen that you,re body reacts and will burn glucose and fat also get more red and white bloodcells.Buy a gelpack and put it in the freezer when it is frozen take the gelpack and put it between you,re shoulders you will activate you,re brown fat and this good fat will burn white fat.In 8 weeksyou can lose 8 kilo of at you,re body a/you will be happy you,re bloodpresuure will go down suger disease will disappear,less canches of cancer look better feel incredible! Last tip read the labels of you,re food,when the food contains a lot of salt don,t take it buy something else with no salt.Also buy organic food which is much healther because it conrtains no e-numbers and has not been sprayed with pesticiden.Don,t skip all the junk food,chips chocala but get a better version of chips and chocala,you have chips with almost no colyhydrates,buy pure chocalo so with a hight percentation of cacao,above 80 procent,it is very healthy food full of strong antioxidants and vitamiens it could also prevent a heartachache so enjoy chocalate/lifestyle.

September 28, 2018

Beauty starts from within/lifestyle hello dear reader when you want to improve you,re health start you,re day with sport move it and again move it for at least one hour a day,with chançing what you eat,we have learn to take carbohydrates proteins and fats in a ratio of 80,10,10.Chronicle diseases comes more common with age.Good information how to prevent theses chronicle diseases is necesarry.Don,t skip the food you like only look at the food label if it fits in you,re lose weight plan,take a alternative and buy it in the reform shop or healthy shops on the internet.To make you,re health excellent you have to eat more proteins so you,re fat burner will be longer active.Eat saturared fats these are converted into energy also you,re bad cholesterol will drop! For example cream cutter,olive oil and coconut oil Another benefit is that these oils will accelerate you,re metabolisme with 5 procent.Take food supplements in this time the food is full of e-nummers and disposed with poison also air polution can make you sick protect you, re body with mutivitamiens and omega3 what is also a fatburner.One of the best supplements are turmiric take it with black pepper,it prevents inflamination cancer and diabetes and prevent that fat will be saved.The best herbs to burn fat,chili peper contains capsaisine and anti oxidants it sepresses hunger automatically you will eat less.Cinammon there are 2 different ones,normal and ceylon,take the last one it is a very good fatburner it prevent s hypoglekemie with diabetes type 2 also it remeves the bad cholestorol,take 2 or three gram in some yoghurt or smoothie you will lose weight fast.Also burn belly fat with ginger australian study,s of the university of sydney shows thet you can lose 4 pounds a month you,re bloodsugar stay low with gember,gember tea ois my favorite drink with some citron notice: the tempetaure has to be 70 degrees the good ingredients will be 100 active!You have to do for example some gember in white thee,it is the ultimate fatburner,it will also clean you,re body and it is used for nausea in pregnant women.komainseed can double you,re fat burning it is a remedy against every ilness,scientific proofen,it will kill tumors in a early stadium that,s good news,you can buy it in every supermarket,look better feel better prevent chronicle diseases and get endless energy.Choose the people how are healthy, you can motivate each other do togetherthe workout and exchance healthy tips.You have to sleep well you,re body needs rest to recover.Sleep devibration causes aging so go the bed on time.Avoid drinking alcohol my advice never drink and drink more water.Alcohol is a killer it destroys you,re liver and thousands of people a month get heart diseases,take choices and feel good/lifestyle

September 28, 2018

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Testimonials:When i order the product i was a little sceptisch took it 3 days and my enerergy level was growing amazing,angelique o,connor amsterdam,holland            I always felt tired,suger disease and high blood pressure i started to read followed the advices and within a week my sugar was lower! Maney thanks for you,re book,peter de groot new york,Usa.
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